Vikendi Map: Max Loot Location, Places Names, Garage & More

Vikendi Map: Max Loot Location, Places Names, Garage & More

Hey, there are you looking for a BGMI Vikendi Map Proper Guide including Max Loot Locations, Vikendi MAP HD Photo, Vehicle Spawn Location, Hot Drop Locations, and More? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will explore all the Features of Vikendi Map in BGMI or PUBG Mobile.

Vikendi Map Study

Vikendi is a 6x6km snow-covered map nestled in the Adriatic region. Its unique blend of snowy landscapes and urban environments provides players with a challenging and visually stunning battleground. Vikendi is a Snow Based Map and most people avoid playing this Map.

The weather on Vikendi varies, including snowy conditions, which can affect visibility and make long-range engagements challenging.

Vikendi map Guide

Vikendi Map All Location Name

There are a total of 66 places on the Vikendi Map. The names of the Places are given below.

  1. Castle (Dobro Mesto)
  2. Cosmodrome (Dino Park)
  3. Goroka
  4. Hot Springs
  5. Coal Mine (Peshkova)
  6. Villa (Podvosto)
  7. Peshkova
  8. Cosmodrome (Factory)
  9. Volnova
  10. Castle (Central)
  11. Cosmodrome (East)
  12. Cosmodrome (West)
  13. Cosmodrome (South)
  14. Cement Factory
  15. Cosmodrome (Warehouse)
  16. Castle (North)
  17. Abbey
  18. Volnova (Factory)
  19. Volnova (Train Yard)
  20. Trevno
  21. Cosmodrome (Control Center)
  22. Tovar
  23. Cosmodrome (Cafe)
  24. Volnova (Church)
  25. Winery
  26. Cosmodrome (Satellite)
  27. Volnova (Docks)
  28. Mount Kreznic
  29. Cosmodrome (Rocket)
  30. Vikendi Bus Terminal
  31. Peshkova (Factory)
  32. Volnova (Ruins)
  33. Peshkova (Town)
  34. Cosmodrome (East Warehouse)
  35. Castle (North)
  36. Cosmodrome (West Warehouse)
  37. Tovar (Dock)
  38. Tovar (Factory)
  39. Villa (Castle)
  40. Villa (Church)
  41. Vikendi Shipyard
  42. Peshkova (Port)
  43. Peshkova (Sawmill)
  44. Cosmodrome (Middle)
  45. Cosmodrome (Factory Back)
  46. Cosmodrome (Cosmodrome)
  47. Volnova (North)
  48. Cosmodrome (Hangar)
  49. Cosmodrome (Crate)
  50. Villa (South)
  51. Villa (Factory)
  52. Villa (Warehouse)
  53. Peshkova (House)
  54. Peshkova (North)
  55. Peshkova (Docks)
  56. Goroka (South)
  57. Goroka (Docks)
  58. Goroka (Port)
  59. Cosmodrome (Cape)
  60. Cosmodrome (North)
  61. Villa (River)
  62. Villa (North)
  63. Cosmodrome (South Warehouse)
  64. Cosmodrome (Landing)
  65. Villa (Bridge)
  66. Cosmodrome (Factory Ruins)

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Hight Loot Location in Vikendi Map

In Vikendi, there are several high-loot places where you can find better weapons, gear, and equipment in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Here are some of the high loot locations on the Vikendi map:

  1. Castle (Dobro Mesto): The central castle is a high-loot area with multiple buildings and underground sections. It often contains excellent gear and is a popular drop spot.
  2. Cosmodrome (Dino Park): The Cosmodrome area in the southeast, particularly around the dinosaur park, offers good loot opportunities. It’s an interesting location for loot and unique gameplay.
  3. Volnova: The town of Volnova in the south provides various loot options, including factories and warehouses. It’s a versatile location for loot and combat.
  4. Cosmodrome (Factory): The Cosmodrome Factory, situated in the southwest, offers loot in an industrial setting. It’s a good spot for gear, but it can be a bit remote.
  5. Castle (Central): The central area of the castle often has high-quality loot. It’s a hotspot for early-game action, so expect competition when landing there.
  6. Castle (North): The northern section of the castle also offers loot opportunities, making it a suitable alternative if the central area is too crowded.
  7. Abbey: Abbey is a smaller location in the southwest with decent loot. It’s often less crowded than major cities, providing a quieter loot experience.
  8. Winery: The Winery in the northwest offers loot in a unique vineyard setting. It’s a less crowded location for players who prefer a more peaceful start.

Vikendi Map Vehicle Spawns & Garage Locations

There are a total of 32 Garages are available on the Vikendi Map. Vehicles are Marked with orange Spots on the map.

Vikendi Map Garage Locations


So, this is all about the Vikendi Map in BGMI and Pubg Mobile. If you have more information about Vikendi Map or want to know more about Vikendi. Let us know in the Comment Section.