BGMI Sanhok Map: Max Loot Location, Places Name, & More

BGMI Sanhok Map: Max Loot Location, Places Name, & More

Hey, there are you looking for a BGMI Sanhok Map Proper Guide including Max Loot Locations, Sanhok MAP HD Photo, Vehicle Spawn Location, and More? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will explore all the Features of Sanhok Map in BGMI or PUBG Mobile. So, let’s get Started.


BGMI Sanhok Map Study

Sanhok is one of the smaller and more intense maps in BGMI. It’s known for its fast-paced gameplay and lush tropical environment. The map size is 4×4 kilometers, making it smaller than Erangel and Miramar, which leads to quicker engagements and a higher density of players.

Sanhok Map is Popularly known for the High high-intensity Gameplay and Campers. Many low-end devices lag a lot while playing Sanhok Map. Sanhok Map is also Known as Green Map.

Sanhok map Guide

Sanhok Map All Location Name

There is a total of 33 Places on the Sanhok Map. The Names of the Places are given below.

  1. Bootcamp
  2. Paradise Resort
  3. Camp Alpha
  4. Camp Bravo
  5. Quarry
  6. Ruins
  7. Docks (Southwest)
  8. Ha Tinh (Docks – Southeast)
  9. Ruins Cave
  10. Tambang (Mines)
  11. Pai Nan (Village)
  12. Khao (Mountain)
  13. Sahmee (Cave)
  14. Mongnai (Village)
  15. Kampong (Village)
  16. Paradise Resort (West)
  17. Bhan (Hill)
  18. Ha Tinh (Docks – Northwest)
  19. Mongnai (Ruins)
  20. Lakawi (Village)
  21. Bhan (Hill – Ruins)
  22. Sahmee (Cave – East)
  23. Camp Charlie
  24. Bootcamp (Ruins)
  25. Sahmee (Cave – West)
  26. Pai Nan (Village – Ruins)
  27. Quarry (Waterfall)
  28. Pai Nan (Ruins)
  29. Tambang (Mines – East)
  30. Sahmee (Cave – North)
  31. Pai Nan (Village – Southwest)
  32. Sahmee (Cave – South)
  33. Pai Nan (Village – East)

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High Loot Places in Sanhok Map

In Sanhok, there are several high-loot places where you can find better weapons, gear, and equipment in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Here are some of the high loot locations on the Sanhok map:

  1. Bootcamp: Bootcamp, located at the center of the map, is one of the hottest drop spots on Sanhok. It offers high-quality loot with multiple buildings and is often a chaotic and intense location.
  2. Paradise Resort: This large resort area in the northwest corner of the map offers excellent loot and a mix of indoor and outdoor combat opportunities. It’s a popular landing spot for many players.
  3. Camp Bravo and Camp Alpha: These two military camps, situated in the central and eastern parts of the map, provide good loot and can be hotspots for early-game engagements.
  4. Ha Tinh (Docks): Ha Tinh, on the southwestern coast, features a cluster of warehouses and buildings that offer decent loot. It’s a great place to find gear and engage in early-game battles.
  5. Quarry: Quarry is an open area with rocks, cliffs, and buildings. It provides a mix of long-range and close-quarters combat opportunities and can yield good loot.
  6. Ruins: Located in the southern part of the map, Ruins offers unique vertical gameplay and plenty of loot, making it an interesting location for players who enjoy close-quarters combat.
  7. Docks (Southwest): These docks provide loot and boat spawns, making them useful for quick transportation and looting.
  8. Cave: In the northwest corner of the map, you’ll find the Cave, which is an underground location with decent loot and a distinct gameplay style.

Sanhok Map Vehicle Spawns & Garage Locations

There is No Garage Available on the Sanhok Map Since it is a Small Map. Below is an Image of a high Spawn Vehicle Location.

Sanhok Map Vehicle Location


So, this is all about the Sanhok Map in BGMI and Pubg Mobile. If you have more information about Erangel Map or want to know more about Sanhok . Let us know in the Comment Section.