Miramar Map: Max Loot Location, Places Names, Garage & More

Miramar Map: Max Loot Location, Places Names, Garage & More

Hey, there are you looking for a BGMI Miramar Map Proper Guide including Max Loot Location, Garage Location, Hot Drop Locations, All Places Names, etc.? If yes, then you are in the right place, In this article we will see all the information about Miramar Map in BGMI & Pubg Mobile.

BGMI Miramar Map Study

Miramar is a desert-themed map in BGMI known for its vast open spaces and long sightlines. It’s the second-largest map in the game, measuring 8×8 kilometres, making it similar in size to the original Erangel map in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India).

Miramar Map is popular for Sniping and Long Range fights. Mostly Rank Push Player Play Miramar Map to avoid Hackers.

Miramar map Guide

Miramar Map All Location Name

There are a total of 48 Places are there in the Miramar Map in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. Below is a list of all the places in Miramar.

  1. Hacienda del Patrón
  2. Los Leones
    • Los Leones City Center
    • Los Leones Stadium
  3. El Pozo
  4. Pecado
  5. Valle del Mar
  6. Chumacera
  7. Minas Generales (Generals’ Mines)
  8. Prison (Prison de Pecado)
  9. Cruz del Valle
  10. Power Grid
  11. Torre Ahumada (Ahumada Tower)
  12. Ladrillera (Brickworks)
  13. Junkyard
  14. Campo Militar (Military Camp)
  15. Impala
  16. Monte Nuevo
  17. Los Higos
  18. La Cobreria
  19. San Martin
  20. Impala (Town)
  21. Graveyard (Cementerio)
  22. Arriba (Cliff)
  23. Oasis
  24. Alcantara
  25. Tierra Bronca
  26. Trailer Park
  27. Water Treatment (Potable)
  28. La Bendita
  29. Arenas del Mar (Beach)
  30. Prison (El Azahar Prison)
  31. Torre Ahumada (East)
  32. Torre Ahumada (West)
  33. Cruz del Valle (North)
  34. Cruz del Valle (South)
  35. Power Grid (North)
  36. Power Grid (South)
  37. Abandoned Resort
  38. Casino (Santo Domingo)
  39. Ruins (Picos Ruins)
  40. San Martín (West)
  41. Los Higos (West)
  42. Los Leones (North)
  43. El Pozo (West)
  44. Graveyard (South)
  45. Impala (North)
  46. Monte Nuevo (North)
  47. Torre Ahumada (North)
  48. Power Grid (West)

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High Loot Places in Miramar Map

In Miramar, there are several high-loot places where you can find better weapons, gear, and equipment in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Here are some of the high loot locations on the Miramar map:

  1. Hacienda del Patrón: This large mansion in the northwest is known for its high-quality loot. It has multiple rooms and is often a hotspot for intense early-game battles.
  2. Los Leones (City Center): The central city of Los Leones is a high-loot area with diverse loot options. Explore the buildings, shops, and warehouses for valuable gear.
  3. El Pozo: El Pozo is another major city in the southwest with a large central stadium that often contains excellent loot. Additionally, the city’s buildings and factories can yield good gear.
  4. Pecado: Located in the southeast, Pecado is a bustling city with a casino as its central attraction. It offers high-quality loot and is a popular landing spot for players.
  5. Valle del Mar: Valle del Mar is a coastal town in the west with various buildings and loot opportunities. It’s typically less crowded than the major cities but still provides decent gear.
  6. Minas Generales (Generals’ Mines): These mines are spread across the central part of the map and offer loot opportunities. Be cautious of the hilly terrain and open spaces.
  7. Prison (Prison de Pecado): Found in the southwest, this area features a prison complex with loot and is often less crowded than major cities, making it a good spot for loot.
  8. Campo Militar (Military Camp): This military camp in the north-central part of the map provides a variety of military-grade loot, including weapons and armour.

Miramar Map Vehicle Spawns & Garage Locations

In Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the Miramar map has various vehicle spawn points and garage locations where you can find and store vehicles. Here are some of the common vehicle spawn points and garage locations on the Miramar map:

There are a total of 20 Vehicle Spawn Locations in the Miramar Map Marked with Violet and Orange map are the Vehicle Spawn points.

Miramar Map Vehicle Locations


So, this is all about Miramar Map in BGMI and Pubg Mobile. If you have more information about Miramar Map or want to know more about Miramar. Let us know in the Comment Section.