BGMI Erangel Map: Max Loot Location, Places Names & More

BGMI Erangel Map: Max Loot Location, Places Names & More

Hey, there are you looking for a BGMI Erangel Map Proper Guide including Max Loot Locations, Erangel MAP HD Photo, Vehicle Spawn Location, and More? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will explore all the Features of Erangel Map in BGMI or PUBG Mobile.

BGMI Erangel Map Study

BGMI Earngel Map is one of the Most Popular and favorite Map for most of the BGMI Players. It’s a large, diverse map that offers a variety of landscapes, and terrains for players to explore and engage in battles.

Erangel is an 8×8 kilometer map, making it one of the larger maps in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). It features a mix of open fields, forests, hills, and urban areas. There are also several bodies of water, including a river and a few small lakes.

Erangel map Guide

Erangel Map All Location Name

There are total of 37 Places are there in Erangel Map. All the BGMI Erangel Map Places Names are Given Below.

  1. Severny
  2. Shooting Range
  3. Stalber
  4. Kameshki
  5. Georgopol
    • Georgopol City
    • Georgopol Port
  6. Novorepnoye
  7. Zharki
  8. Yasnaya Polyana
  9. Lipovka
  10. Rozhok
  11. School (Pochinki School)
  12. Pochinki
  13. Mansion (Mansion on Sosnovka Island)
  14. Sosnovka Military Base
  15. Sosnovka Island
    • Sosnovka Island Lighthouse
    • Sosnovka Island Bridge
  1. Gatka
  2. Farm (Mylta Power)
  3. Quarry (Mylta)
  4. Ferry Pier (Mylta)
  5. Primorsk
  6. Prison (Stalber Prison)
  7. Shelter (Bunker)
  8. Cosmodrome (Cosmodrome Factory)
  9. Factory (Ruins Factory)
  10. Shooting Range
  11. Miltopower
  12. Mansion
  13. Mylta Power
  14. Mylta
  15. Ruins
  16. South George
  17. West Bridge
  18. East Bridge

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High Loot Places in Erangel Map

Loot is one of the Most important thing to stay alive in BGMI. In the Erangel map of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), there are several high loot places where you can find better weapons, gear, and equipment. Here are some of the high loot locations on Erangel:

  1. Sosnovka Military Base: This is one of the best high loot areas on Erangel. It offers a wide range of weapons, armor, and attachments. Be prepared for intense combat as it’s a popular drop spot.
  2. Georgopol: Georgopol City and Georgopol Port are known for their high loot density. You can find a variety of loot in the city’s buildings and warehouses, as well as at the port.
  3. Pochinki: Pochinki is a medium-sized town with numerous buildings that often contain good loot. It’s a popular drop location and can get quite crowded.
  4. Mylta Power: Mylta Power, an industrial area in the southern part of the map, provides ample loot opportunities, including weapons, armor, and medical supplies.
  5. School (Pochinki School): The school building in Pochinki is a high-risk, high-reward location. It can yield excellent loot, but it’s also a hotspot for early-game battles.
  6. Mansion (on Sosnovka Island): The mansion on Sosnovka Island is another high loot spot, offering a variety of gear and weapons. It’s a good place to land if the flight path allows.
  7. Yasnaya Polyana: Yasnaya Polyana is a large city in the northeast with many buildings containing loot. It’s a suitable choice if you prefer urban combat.
  8. Novorepnoye: Novorepnoye, located on the southern coast, has a good loot distribution, especially in its warehouses and buildings.
  9. Rozhok: Rozhok is a smaller town with several buildings offering loot. It’s a decent place to land if you want moderate loot and a potentially quieter start.

BGMI Erangel Map Vehicle Spawns & Garage Locations

Erangel Map Vehicle Location

In Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), Erangel map has various vehicle spawn points and garage locations where you can find and store vehicles. Here are some of the common vehicle spawn points and garage locations on the Erangel map:

There is a Total of 16 Garages Available in the Earngel Map in BGMI. Althrough, it has 20 Vehicle Spawn Locations. You can Find all the Vehicle Location and Garage location in Below Image.


So, this is all about Erangel Map in BGMI and Pubg Mobile. If you have more infomation about Erangel Map or want to know more about Erangel. Let us know in the Comment Section.