BGMI Top 500 Conqueror List Today (December 2023)

BGMI Top 500 Conqueror List Today (December 2023)

BGMI Top 500 Conqueror List Today: Are you Looking for a List of All Top 500 Players’ Conqueror ranking in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)? If yes, then in this article, we will explore the List of all the Top 500 Players that ranked in Conqueoror Lobby.

BGMI Conqueror is the Highest Tier in the BGMI Ranking System. The ranking system in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has several tiers, starting from Bronze and progressing through Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, and finally, Conqueror.

To Reach Conqueror in BGMI, Players Need more than 5200+ Points, and their Ranking should be in the Top 500 Players in that Region. Since, In BGMI, there is only one Region, i.e. India, the Player has to come in the Top 500 Players in the India Region, which is not a Cup of Tea.

How to Reach Conqueror in BGMI?

BGMI Conqueror Avatar, FrameĀ 

BGMI Top 500 Conqueror List Today

Here is a Step Procedure to Check the list of Today’s Top 500 Conqueror Players. Follow the steps below to know the BGMI Top 500 Conqueror list Today.

Step 1: Open Battlegrounds Mobile India and Click the Season button on the bottom right of the Lobby.

BGMI Conqueror

Step 2: The current Season Window will Appear once you Tap on the Season button. Now on this Screen, Click on the Rank Button.

How to See Conqueror List

Step 3: Now you can see the Top 100 Players list in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Normal players can only be Top 100 Players.

BGMI Top 500 Conqueror List Today

If you are pushing Conqueror in BGMI, You can see your ranking. If you are under 500 Rank, you have reached a Conqueror in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

So, By using the above Tutorial, you can See the list of all Top 500 Conqueror Player List Today. Also, the Remember List keeps changing every day.